Nonsanto Seeds

Written by April Davila on 08 March 2012.

We get a lot of questions about how to avoid Monsanto products, including seeds. Monsanto has been buying up seed companies for over a decade. Buying organic doesn't necessarily mean you're buying non-Monsanto.

We're building the world's first VERIFIED NONSANTO LIST. If you know of a seed company that has no ties to Monsanto, add it to the comments or use the #Nonsanto twitter hashtag. We'll verify that it is in fact Nonsanto, add it to the list, and share it with you.



0 #5 Laura Smith 2012-06-21 08:04
Pls add Fedco Seeds(a grower's co-op) & Pinetree Seeds, both in Maine to your poster. Two very important companies in keeping seeds independent, organic & non-GMO. They also carry LOTS of reasonably priced organic growing supplies. Fedco's also great for trees, shrubs,plants, bulbs, etc. & Pinetree has an amazing selection of books! Great prices & seed count w/both! Fedco's seed catogue is my growing bible!
0 #4 Marecip 2012-06-20 16:22
Heirloom Seeds, PA I sure hope they prove true. I bought a bought a box full of seeds from them. Thanks for all your hard work!
0 #3 RB 2012-06-20 09:53
Sustainable Seed Company
0 #2 Michael 2012-03-13 06:29
This is some great info, thanks! Monsanto is one of the biggest and greediest organization of criminals out there.
+1 #1 Ross Ferkett 2012-03-09 06:58
Fedco Seeds

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