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Written by Rebecca Maclean on 09 April 2012.

Question: What should I do with veggies that have sprouted before I used them?

Answer: It depends.
It's happened to the best of us. You push a few things to the back of the fridge in the course of cooking, making PB&Js, or putting away leftovers, and when you get around to cleaning things out, there are things growing. Some things are fuzzy and blue, while others are growing roots. While it's a safe bet to toss the moldy bits, I've alwaysIMG_20120408_153205 scratched my head about the things that are growing roots or shoots. Are they salvageable?

If it's a root vegetable or in the allium family, you can do something with it, though it might not be what you expected. Here's the lowdown on a few things you're likely to have in your crisper drawer.

Carrots: Carrots that have started to grow roots and sprout greens can be planted for more greens (the carrot is actually a taproot so once it's pulled, it can't regenerate more carrots). Greens work well for juicing or in vegetable stock, and since carrots are biennial plants, you can let it go to seed and try your hand at seed saving.

Garlic: If a head of garlic has started to sprout, you can separate the cloves and plant in the ground.

Ginger: While it's not likely that ginger root from the store will sprout without help, it can grow plants up to three feet tall.

Onions: If your onion is sprouting, you can't get another onion out of it, but the greens that grow would work well as garnish for salads.

Potatoes: The grandaddy of sprouting veggies in the kitchen, I've had great success with planting the potatoes with growing eyes in a garbage can of potting soil and getting fresh new potato babies in a short period of time.

Turnips: Like carrots, turnips won't produce more turnips, but you can get turnip greens for salads out of the deal.


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